Crewmate art by @thisishannako

Deconstructing Among Us’ TikTok Strategy 🎵

Breaking down over 15 million likes, 2 million followers, and what worked (…or didn’t!)

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✨ 1. Content Types ✨

  • Game Updates: Ongoing updates about the game, whether it’s bug fixes or huge announcements.
  • Personality: Videos hopping on trends or having fun with the community.
  • Behind-The-Scenes: Showing off more developer focused looks at the game and what goes into making it.
  • Gameplay: Videos that focus on game content that is already out.
  • Misc: Anything else — reactions, showing off Among Us merchandise, etc.



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Victoria Tran

Community Director at Innersloth, creators of Among Us. Fascinated by compassion, ethics, and making better online communities. ✨