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Deconstructing Among Us’ TikTok Strategy 🎵

Breaking down over 15 million likes, 2 million followers, and what worked (…or didn’t!)

Victoria Tran
2 min readJul 26, 2021



I’m Victoria Tran, the Community Director at Innersloth, creators of Among Us and The Henry Stickmin Collection. I like to share my experiences with game communities, marketing, social, and so on — this one will be about TikTok!

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✨ 1. Content Types ✨

There are 5 main buckets I’d pool my game development TikToks down to, which are:

  • Game Updates: Ongoing updates about the game, whether it’s bug fixes or huge announcements.
  • Personality: Videos hopping on trends or having fun with the community.
  • Behind-The-Scenes: Showing off more developer focused looks at the game and what goes into making it.
  • Gameplay: Videos that focus on game content that is already out.
  • Misc: Anything else — reactions, showing off Among Us merchandise, etc.

And from there, I try to nail down brand identifiers. That is, how you’ll be distinctly recognized on the platform. This bleeds into general social media strategy, but you can read the full post over on my website!



Victoria Tran

Community Director at Innersloth, creators of Among Us. Fascinated by compassion, ethics, and making better online communities. ✨