Becoming a Video Game Community Manager 💼

So you want to get started in community management? Let’s talk about the skills you’ll need!


This is a post to let you know three things:

  1. I’m moving these blog posts and future ones to my new website.
  2. I wrote a new post.
  3. I started a community developer newsletter!

You can read my new post: Becoming a Video Game Community Manager now.

Here’s an exerpt:

Okay so, here’s one of the most common questions I get: “How do you get into the game industry?” There’s no “set” path I’ve seen — some go to school for it, some folks have just made games with no degree, some switched gears late into their careers, and some just fell into it (me!).

But I’ve heard enough questions about getting specifically into community management that I thought it’d be useful to talk about the skills that were useful to me and provide some tips for anyone thinking of getting into it!

This post covers:

  • Skills people usually ask for in community management job posts
  • Tips on what to do if you don’t have previous “professional” experience
  • Skills I didn’t realize would be so useful for community management
  • Resources I recommend for beginners
  • A little motivation for those who are tired of the job hunt

Read the rest on my site!

Thanks for reading here for these past few months! ❤



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Victoria Tran

Victoria Tran

Community Director at Innersloth, creators of Among Us. Fascinated by compassion, ethics, and making better online communities. ✨