Make joyful moments with your game communities — what, why, and how.

Hey! I’m Victoria Tran, the Community Director at Innersloth (we made a game called Among Us.) Previously I worked at Kitfox Games as their Communications Director (Boyfriend Dungeon, Dwarf Fortress, etc.) I love exploring ways we can create intentional, better, and more compassionate online communities. You can see everything else I’ve written on my site or find me on Twitter.

Can You Pet The Dog basically created an entire cultural revolution in games in 2019.

It’s a Twitter account made to answer one question: in this video game, can you pet the dog? (Unless it’s Casual Friday, then it’s…

A deep dive into the thoughts behind a community director’s social media work.


I’m Victoria, the Community Director at Innersloth, creators of Among Us and The Henry Stickmin Collection. I try to write a lot about my experiences with game communities, marketing, social, and so on, in an attempt to share as much of my own knowledge as possible. For some context on my experience, I used to be the Communications Director at Kitfox Games, where I worked on projects like Boyfriend Dungeon, Dwarf Fortress, and more! You can see everything I’ve done here or follow me on Twitter.

It’s been awhile since I’ve hunkered down and written something, so let’s do…

Victoria Tran

Community Director at Innersloth, creators of Among Us. Fascinated by compassion, ethics, and making better online communities. ✨

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